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WWE Main Event results: Curt Hawkins goes 0-188


The Big Takeaway: Curt Hawkins lost to Heath Slater via a small package as they show him getting closer with each passing week to finally breaking his losing streak.

Top billing was given to a cruiserweight six-man tag match that ran at just over two minutes, since the lion’s share of the show was given over to Raw video packages.


Heath Slater (w/ Rhyno) defeated Curt Hawkins (6:14)

This was a lot of fun this week. Hawkins spent the opening minutes trying to find a cheap way to win: he laid down in the middle of the ring urging Slater to pin him, but was playing possum and then went outside and tried to win via disqualification. Hawkins shoved Rhyno and then urged him to retort in front of the referee.

The commentary team is now really drawing attention to Hawkins' losing streak storyline, while in previous months it had been glossed over. Hawkins was given a number of near falls here and at every opportunity the camera would zoom in on his face to get his despairing reaction -- it is really making him look like a sympathetic figure at this point.

After a Pele kick, a pained Rhyno looked on as Slater just mustered enough strength to kick out. Hawkins then went up to the top rope, but Slater rolled out of the way so Hawkins jumped down. As he approached him, Slater rolled him up into a small package for a win that looked more unfair than ever on Hawkins and took the number to 0-188.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik defeated Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & TJP (2:19)

Not only was this a match where the entrances of the six cruiserweights easily went longer than the actual bout, but it also inexplicably went through a commercial break.

TJP and Kalisto were fantastic to watch in the opening minute, but, like the match, it was short-lived as TJP kicked out of a cover and we headed to a break. They had played up the 205 Live storyline where TJP was taunting Kalisto about the division not being as strong as when he was the champion.

When we returned, it looked like we had missed all the action as the ring was full and the luchadores were hitting Nese and TJP with stereo suicide dives.

Dorado then quickly went to the finish on Daivari, superkicking him into position for the Shooting Star Press. The loss leaves Daivari winless in 34 straight.