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WWE Main Event results: Curt Hawkins' streak reaches 0-184


The Big Takeaway: Apollo was the latest man to defeat Curt Hawkins, taking his tally to 0-181 here and at the time of this writing 0-184. Gran Metalik & Kalisto had a by-the-numbers tag bout with Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese, leaving Daivari still winless since August.


Apollo (w/ Titus O’Neil and Dana Brooke) defeated Curt Hawkins (4:59)

The streak continues for Hawkins, who went 0-181 here and then lost three times over the weekend (including twice in the same night at Raw's house show in Minneapolis on Friday) to take the tally to 0-184. With no indication of when or where this losing streak will end, the live reports of Hawkins with this gimmick have been very favorable and there’s no denying that it has been fun covering this on Main Event.

He and Apollo went back and forth here in much the same mold as the matches he's had on Main Event of late: Apollo gave him lots of the match and they really made it look as though Hawkins had enough to finally end the streak until Apollo was able to snatch the win out of nothing.

After an enzuigiri and his patented standing moonsault, Hawkins kicked out and they traded near falls. The finish saw Hawkins go up to the second rope, looking for a flying back elbow, but he got caught by Apollo, who quickly nailed him with The Chariot for the win.

Gran Metalik & Kalisto defeated Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese (4:31)

Meanwhile, in the cruiserweight division, another losing streak is forming. After going 0-31 last week on this show, Ariya Daivari is now 0-33 in all competitions with yet another loss here. He is still without a win in seven months.

Metalik and Daivari started the match, with Daivari calling for Kalisto to be tagged in. After quick covers, Daivari made it to the ropes and Nese came in. When Kalisto dropkicked Nese, he followed it up with a head-scissors and Nese rolled out of the ring. Metalik hit a twisted plancha to the outside on Nese and Daivari as we went to the break. 

The match flew by in the second half and they quickly went to the finish. Metalik hit a senton to the outside on both Nese and Daivari. He then rolled Nese back into the ring and superkicked him to put him in position for the rope-walk elbow drop. Metalik nailed Nese in the middle of the ring with the elbow for the win.