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WWE Main Event results: Dana Brooke defeats Mickie James


The Big Takeaway: Accompanied by Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews, Dana Brooke stole a win against Mickie James. In a strong performance, Akira Tozawa got his win back from Tony Nese in a rematch of their 205 Live bout from the previous week.


Dana Brooke (w/ Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews) defeated Mickie James (4:37)

Brooke has been at the side of Titus Worldwide for the last few weeks here on Main Event, so it was interesting to see her take to the ring instead this week with both O'Neil and Crews at her side. James, who hasn’t appeared on Main Event since July, took the fall having last scored a singles win in October.

The match really wasn’t particularly good until the second half. Brooke dominated the first part of the bout with chinlocks and rest holds, but James eventually took over with a more impressive and interesting move set. James locked in a tarantula at one point and looked to be in line for a win when Brooke had to roll outside for a breather, only to be berated by O’Neil and Crews.

The finish saw Brooke block a roll-up attempt that allowed Brooke to flip over James and apply a weak-looking bridging pin to essentially steal the win. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness played up the coup on commentary and had kept putting James over as a former six-time champion.

Titus Worldwide made off like bandits, even doing a lap of honor around the ring, while James was left to look on.

Akira Tozawa defeated Tony Nese (5:49)

On 205 Live the previous week, Nese picked up the win over Tozawa after some fierce back and forth, eventually finishing Tozawa with a running knee. The rematch on Main Event saw them face off on a show that Tozawa is yet to lose on.

Once again these two were excellent together. The whole match was a back and forth where you felt that either man could come out on top. They built to a point where both had dominated moments and equaled each other and both went for a big boot and both landed it. They looked glassy-eyed -- but it was Tozawa who got up first.

Nese tried a roll-up and a pumphandle slam but Tozawa was quick enough to escape them. Eventually, Tozawa was able to strike Nese with a windmill kick to leave him prone by the corner. Tozawa hit the Drop Zone for the win in what was a really strong bout. It would be good to see these two get more time together on WWE television.