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WWE Main Event results: Dash Wilder just keeps on losing


The Big Takeaway: Other than Dash Wilder remaining winless as a singles competitor, this was not a newsworthy show. That said, Rich Swann’s corkscrew 450 splash is still a thing of beauty.


Heath Slater defeated Dash Wilder (5:28)

Nigel McGuinness was back this week and made reference to the fact that Wilder has now lost four in a row. McGuinness claimed that it was “not about the wins and losses” for Wilder and brought up that Kenta Kobashi once lost 63 matches in a row.

Wilder is quite a ring technician, though, and as much as it is becoming somewhat of a burial seeing him lose to the likes of Slater and Rhyno each week, it can’t be long before they give him some kind of push.

The match was nothing special. They teased a countout victory when Wilder dumped Slater outside and then knocked him off the apron with a right hand for an eight count. Wilder had a near fall shortly after with an inventive fireman’s carry backbreaker, but Slater got the win with a schoolboy.

Lince Dorado & Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar & Tony Nese (4:56)

After a few strong main events for the cruiserweights over the last few weeks on this show, this proved to be too short and lacking in creativity to be as good as any of those.

At one point, Dorado had a visual pin on Noam Dar. Dar’s role was essentially to wreak havoc when he wasn’t in the ring. He knocked Swann off the apron so that he missed a tag and later broke up a pin on Nese. He plays the chicken heel really well.

In terms of in-ring action, Swann was probably the standout here. Dorado’s handspring stunner led to both he and Dar going down. He got the hot tag to Swann, who came in and fired up on Dar. Nese saved the pin and Swann used a roundhouse kick on Dar. Dorado gave Nese a hurricanrana to the floor outside so that Swann could get the win with the corkscrew 450.