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WWE Main Event results: Dash Wilder loses again


The Big Takeaway: Dash Wilder lost his second solo match in as many weeks, then Mustafa Ali stole the show in the main event.


The show opened with a tribute to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Heath Slater defeated Dash Wilder (5:23)

Last week on Main Event, Wilder was beaten with relative ease by Rhyno’s spinebuster. Here, he and Slater went back and forth in a fairly by-the-numbers bout with Slater getting the win with the Smash Hit.

They’ve been going with Rhyno and Slater on their own without each other at ringside of late, which takes something away from their act. Slater has only really ever had a handful of solo wins lately, and they’ve generally been on this show against talent who are just as low on the card. When Rhyno was there to cheerlead and bodyguard, it always got a good reaction.

Here, though, Wilder was beaten for the second straight week as he doesn't have much to do without his injured tag partner, Scott Dawson.

The story of the match was that Wilder was the stronger, more dangerous performer but Slater was plucky and continued to thwart him. Eventually, Slater took the win when he reversed Wilder’s suplex into his lifting DDT.

Nigel McGuinness has helped improve the show now that he is on the announce team. Generally, Corey Graves, although good, switched to being a heel on Main Event and would essentially treat Vic Joseph with disdain. But McGuinness is there to put over the talent and really helps call moves.

Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali defeated Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese (7:48)

If the show wasn’t already a re-run of sorts from last week, this match saw four of the six men from last week's main event in Anaheim go at it again. The faces won again on this show with the match building to Ali finishing Daivari with his impressive 054.

On any other show, this kind of all-action, fast-paced tag match would go down really well, but here it’s hidden. On a show that is difficult to catch in the United States, there’s often little reason to go out of your way to find it when you have countless hours of other content out there to watch.

Nese, who didn’t even get a tag last week, looked really good here. He has grown his hair and beard out and his physique is impressive for this division. He and Dorado work really smoothly together. The highlight was Mustafa Ali, though. His move set is exciting and fresh, and he and Daivari work extremely well together.

The match was all about the finish: they did a great spot where Dorado was selling an injury, leaning on the middle rope for a breather while Daivari and Nese were outside. Ali climbed up, stood on Dorado’s back, and performed a beautiful moonsault off his back onto both men.

Dorado followed it up by nailing Nese with a top rope crossbody, while Ali was able to set up for the 054 on Daivari for the win.