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WWE Main Event results: Dolph Ziggler in action


The Big Takeaway --

Erik made his Main Event singles debut in a losing performance against Riddick Moss in a fairly dull opener. Dolph Ziggler then brought a touch of class to the show in his win against Main Event mainstay Humberto Carrillo.


Riddick Moss defeated Erik (4:55)

With Ivar out injured, this is exactly the kind of place for Erik to try out as a singles wrestler. They did the same when Scott Dawson was injured and Dash Wilder had a few matches on Main Event. 

Erik and Riddick Moss have been involved sporadically on Raw Underground over the last couple of months, so it was good to see them work a traditional match here. For Erik, at 36 and minus his long-term tag partner, it’s good to still be being given opportunities to work on TV.

As you can imagine, these two worked a fairly stiff five-minute match that was full of power moves and lots of posturing.

In the end, there wasn’t too much to it. Moss spiked Erik’s neck on the top rope, nailed him with a charge in the corner, and then finished him off with his still-unnamed modified neckbreaker for the win.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Humberto Carrillo (9:07)

You have to go back as far as September 2016 to find a Dolph Ziggler appearance on Main Event. His opponent? Aiden English. That night, Ziggler came out the victor, just as he did here.

Ziggler made passed comment on the fact that he had been shuffled to the back of the deck on Twitter this week, but he brought some much-needed legitimacy to this show after a few tepid weeks.

Ziggler and Carrillo worked well together, going through a commercial break, but it wasn’t quite the match it had promised to be. But when a former WWE Champion appears on this show, it isn’t to be sniffed at. 

It was interesting to see Carrillo kick out of the Famouser, before dodging a superkick and threatening to take the victory for himself. He came off the top for a moonsault, but Ziggler dodged and then got the win as Carrillo ate the superkick at the second time of asking.

Final Thoughts --

Ziggler working Main Event was a definite plus this week, but probably not a situation he would want to find himself in too often. Erik was fine on his own, but he'll probably be happier when he’s back working regularly with Ivar.