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WWE Main Event results: Dorado vs. Tozawa, Reckoning in action


The Big Takeaway:

Reckoning debuted on Main Event getting her first solo win since she turned heel and joined Retribution.

Reckoning (w/ Retribution) defeated Niki Cross (5:12)

Mia Yim has certainly paid her dues in the wrestling industry. Having worked her way through the indies before appearing on Impact and working on NXT, at the age of 31, she joined Retribution back in September under the name Reckoning. 

This was only her third match and first win under the new moniker, having lost her debut on Raw to Dana Brooke and the subsequent mixed tag with Slapjack against Brooke and Ricochet the following week.

Cross really took a beating with Reckoning looking like a dominant heel if ever there was one. Retribution looked on with delight as she went to work on Cross who only got some brief shine in the closing moments.

Cross used a series of clotheslines and a running crossbody to the corner for a near fall. Before long, Reckoning took back control and finished her off with the knee to the side of the face for her still to be named finisher.

They lost their chance with making Retribution an uncontrollable invasive force and probably have could have done the same with Reckoning, too. But, if booked right. she could go places and fast.

Lince Dorado (w/ Gran Metalik) defeated Akira Tozawa (7:16)

Dorado and Tozawa are seriously good. What was so much better about their match this week was that although he was still dressed like one, Tozawa dropped a lot of the ninja moveset from his gimmick. These two just worked.

There was a great deal of grace and control in this one that will probably just wash over the casual viewer, but a lot of what they did here was impressive.

The match really came to life after Tozawa had locked in an octopus in the middle of the ring. Dorado escaped by using a facebuster on Tozawa. He then ran through Tozawa, culminating in a two count after a beautiful top rope crossbody.

Tozawa did this really cool rolling dive off the top, but he eventually did one too many aerial moves and ate a superkick followed by a shooting star press to give Dorado a pretty rare singles win. 

Final Thoughts:

Whether they have already capitulated on the new format or if this was just a week off from the angles, Main Event was a show with two pretty good matches. It will be interesting to see what they do with Reckoning because, logically, there is a spot available for a monster heel on the women’s roster and she could be it.