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WWE Main Event results: EC3 wins, Heavy Machinery in action


The Big Takeaway: An average show this week. EC3 notched up a win against Tyler Breeze, then Heavy Machinery took their time but managed to defeat The Ascension in the main event.


EC3 defeated Tyler Breeze (4:48)

EC3’s underwhelming main roster run has certainly had people talking. Earlier this month, he didn’t hold back either. When WWE wished him a happy birthday on Twitter he replied with, “Thanks. Catering was delicious.”

He and Breeze are both being underused at present. Breeze has changed up his look. He has had his long hair cut now and has some new tights, but he is still using the same "Prince Pretty" gimmick that he has been using since he, too, was called up from NXT.

EC3 took the lion’s share in this one, with Breeze getting very close to winning at the end. He looked like he would win with a rana like he had done two weeks ago on this show, but EC3 kicked out and beat him with the One Percenter.

Heavy Machinery defeated The Ascension (7:46)

Otis, Tucker, Konnor, and Viktor were all added to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this week, as WWE announced 26 wrestlers for the match. They joined the likes of Jeff & Matt Hardy, as well as Saturday Night Live’s Micheal Che and Colin Jost.

It’s about as good as anyone would have expected for The Ascension, but for Heavy Machinery it represents another solid graduate act from NXT that has not been used well. 

This one was much longer than it needed to be and was largely dull as they built it around Tucker getting the hot tag. The Ascension cut the ring in half and beat down Otis forever.

Tucker eventually tagged in and cleared house after Otis and Viktor double clotheslined each other. Heavy Machinery did their normal routine and got the win with The Compactor on Viktor to set the crowd up for Raw, happy.