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WWE Main Event results: EC3 wins, Sarah Logan makes her show debut


The Big Takeaway: EC3 won this week, beating No Way Jose in a fairly dull match. Sarah Logan then made her Main Event debut, losing in a solid -- but short -- tag team bout with Tamina against Dana Brooke & Natalya.


EC3 defeated No Way Jose (5:30)

No Way Jose was still sporting his new look. EC3 made a deal of telling the conga line to get lost before the match while he swaggered into the ring.

EC3 grabbed a rare win here. The match was really nothing much to speak of. Jose lacks that sleekness that the more accomplished workers have on the main roster and they were kind of clunky in the last few minutes.

Jose went up to the top rope but was toppled by EC3, who then put him on his shoulders. He hit Jose with a neckbreaker before finishing him with the One Percenter.

EC3 and Jose were both entrants into the battle royal on Friday at Super ShowDown, but this win for EC3 broke up a streak of five straight losses.

Dana Brooke & Natalya defeated Sarah Logan & Tamina (3:16)

It was back in late January that Sarah Logan last got a win -- and it was against the same team of Dana Brooke & Natalya that defeated her here. That night, she had tagged with Liv Morgan and things looked very different for Logan.

Logan last appeared on The Shield’s Final Chapter in April and has largely been a bit-part player this year. But she was good here and worked well together with Natalya when they got a little ring time. Brooke also looked to have really improved.

Brooke and Natalya cut the ring in half working over Logan. They hit stereo baseball slides on her on the outside before we went to a break. Logan had Natalya in a modified Calf Crusher when we returned and then they filled the ring.

Natalya took out Logan with a discuss clothesline and then they set up Tamina for their finisher, which was Brooke coming off Natalya’s shoulders with a beautiful swanton. This was pretty decent, but then when Natalya is involved, it often is.