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WWE Main Event results: Elias makes his show debut


The Big Takeaway: Nigel McGuinness replaced Corey Graves on commentary, and we were treated to excellent tag team action in the cruiserweight division. Elias also made his Main Event debut, stealing a win against Kalisto in the main event.


Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali defeated TJP & Brian Kendrick (6:33)

Kendrick and Dorado started off and exchanged chops. A head scissors takedown sent Kendrick outside, then Ali tagged in and they double-teamed Kendrick for a two count. Kendrick took over, tagged in TJP, and the heels started to slow the match down.

Ali outsmarted TJP, using some quick skill to flip out of a wrist lock and TJP backed off impressed. Ali mimicked the dab and gave TJP a hurricanrana. He tagged in Dorado and the pair double-teamed both TJP and Kendrick, cleaning house.

Kendrick and Ali then settled into it, with TJP sweeping the legs of Ali while the referee was distracted. The heels cut the ring in half and worked over the left shoulder of Ali.

After Dorado got the hot tag and worked over TJP, he tagged in Ali to finish him off. Dorado did a suicide dive onto Kendrick to the outside to take care of the threat, while in the ring Ali hit a neckbreaker to put TJP in position for the 054. This was a good win for Dorado and Ali, who worked really smoothly as a team.

Elias defeated Kalisto (2:24)

Elias was introduced in the middle of the ring, playing a song that buried Omaha, Nebraska where Main Event was being taped. The crowd booed so he started over because he had told them "to hold their applause." Kalisto’s music cut him off and Elias was maddened.

Elias cut off any attempts by Kalisto to kick him and outpace him. Kalisto was slung around the ring until he connected with a right foot and a springboard crossbody. He sent Elias outside and used a springboard moonsault as we went to a break.

Kalisto gave Elias a hurricanrana to the mat as we returned, getting a two count. He used another top rope moonsault and went for the Salida del Sol, but Elias caught him and reversed it into the Drift Away and got the win after having taken virtually none of the match.