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WWE Main Event results: Gable & No Way Jose vs. The Ascension

Chad Gable & No Way Jose

The Big Takeaway: With all the talk about the women’s revolution in WWE at the moment, a show that would be a perfect training ground for some once again featured no female performers.

After a win on Main Event last week, Mike Kanellis went back to his losing ways, with a loss against Zack Ryder. The team of Chad Gable & No Way Jose then dispensed with The Ascension in fairly swift fashion.


Zack Ryder defeated Mike Kanellis (5:40)

Last week it looked as though they were at least aware of the terrible start that Kanellis had made on the main roster, when they played up his lack of a win and teamed him up with The Revival to get one. He took a step back here by losing to Ryder in what was actually a pretty decent match.

Ryder came out to the ring in his futuristic silver coat with a ‘Z’ fastening the front, and reminded me of the comment on his Twitter this week. Ryder noted how The Miz’s new merchandise essentially rips off Ryder’s old design. Actually, both Ryder and Kanellis could use some new ring gear.

They worked nicely together here, trading near falls at the end: Ryder dodged Kanellis’ charge so that he posted himself, and then Ryder hit the Broski Boot. Kanellis kicked out and managed to nail Ryder with a superkick. Ryder then reversed a suplex into a neckbreaker and followed it up with the Rough Ryder for the win.

Chad Gable & No Way Jose defeated The Ascension (4:15)

The unlikely pairing of Gable and Jose made short work of The Ascension here. Konnor and Viktor are perennial losers anyway, but this was brief and nothing to write home about.

The Ascension tried to cut the ring in half and stop Jose from getting the hot tag and, even in a short four-minute tag match, resorted to chinlocks and rest holds. The crowd was relatively into the finish when it came, but the conga line always makes Jose’s matches feel more loud than they probably really are.

The finish began when Jose hit a flapjack on Viktor, but Konnor broke up the pin. Gable then hit a rolling senton off the apron onto Konnor on the outside. This allowed Jose to hit the pop-up punch on Viktor. Viktor didn’t quite know how to sell it, so Jose maneuvered him into position for the pinfall.