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WWE Main Event results: Garza & Carrillo vs. Lucha House Party


This week's show was taped before WWE Raw in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Drew Gulak (5:22)

This was essentially a squash with a long rest hold halfway through that made this longer than it should have been. Overall, it was fine and showed that Ryker is starting to add some new moves to his set.

Gulak hasn’t been on WWE programming since June, but it’s likely that nobody has noticed given the way he has been used this year. He has three wins to his name in all of 2021 and they all came against Akira Tozawa which pretty much says it all.

I double-checked the following because it seemed so ridiculous, but they did a headlock spot where Gulak was trying to wear Ryker down that lasted way over two minutes. Apart from that, this was all Ryker.

In the end, he had Gulak on the second turnbuckle and used a rana to nail him and set him up for his spinning side slam. The rana was nice, but the finisher looked a little clumsy.

Ryker got his hand raised and remains undefeated in singles action since May.

Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo defeated Lucha House Party (5:35)

All told, this was a nice solid tag match.

It goes without saying that Garza has a ton of charisma. Here’s a guy who can play babyface or heel and work with just about anyone. Carrillo turns 26 next month and is also a really good worker who is improving all the time.

Forget they have essentially been mortal enemies over the last year (because clearly we’re supposed to), but they are also real-life cousins. Logically, this should be a tag team that could go places. Let’s wait and see.

This was infinitely better, and was much better received, than the opening match. It was a good curtain jerker because it was all about speed and high-flying moves to get the pre-Raw crowd pumped up.

It followed the normal pattern that Lucha House Party matches normally do. They flipped all over the place, but ended up being divided as one of them got nailed by a flip dive to the outside, which left the other in peril.

The finish here was just that: Carrillo flipped over the top rope to nail Metalik and, back in the ring, Garza finished Dorado with the Wing Clipper. 

Final Thoughts:

There was new fancy match card graphics, but it’s still the same old show. If the Hulu deal is about to run out, it seems odd that they would waste spend time updating the aesthetics of Main Event unless they assume it will continue in some form.

Garza and Carrillo could be an excellent main roster tag team. Garza’s Wing Clipper remains my favorite finisher in the company.