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WWE Main Event results: Garza vs. Benjamin, Veer vs. Hardy


Veer (w/ Jinder Mahal & Shanky) defeated Jeff Hardy (4:29)

After debuting in a win against Drew Gulak on Main Event last week, Veer returned to make it two-for-two against former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy.

Hardy has essentially become enhancement talent over the last few months with sporadic Raw appearances, far too many Main Event outings, and only three wins to his name this year.

Veer all but squashed Hardy with the latter getting very little in the way of offense in. It was a slow beatdown until the last minute or so with Mahal and Shanky playing cheerleaders.

Hardy managed to get some hope in late with strikes and an inverted atomic drop. He looked to be going for the Twist of Fate when he was blocked and Veer went for the finish.

Veer used three running splashes to the corner to set up for his lariat finisher which they have yet to name. The win was fine and it probably won’t be long before we see this on Raw every week.

Angel Garza defeated Shelton Benjamin (7:42)

Garza played babyface for the first time on Main Event. He’s better as a heel, but knows exactly what to do as a face. Benjamin beat him up slowly and methodically, but Garza came across well as a plucky victor.

It might have been the comparison of seeing Garza next to Benjamin's immense frame, but he looked smaller than in previous weeks and is now wearing new garish neon yellow trunks.

This should have been way shorter as Benjamin used numerous choke holds after the commercial. It built to a point where Garza looked like he was fading and done, but he fought back to win.

After having virtually no offense at all, he set up Benjamin with a running knee and finished him off with a beautiful middle rope moonsault for the win. It was an implausible finish after everything Benjamin had used on Garza, but leaves Benjamin with just one singles win in the last year.

Final Thoughts:

This was a mediocre show this week with only Veer getting anything out of being on here. Benjamin and Hardy must be feeling directionless right now as Main Event feels stagnant again with the same small group of low card guys trading wins each week. 

They likely never will do this, but it would be far better to use this show as a platform for emerging talent to try out things and to give the women who aren’t being used on Raw and SmackDown a chance to work.