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WWE Main Event results: Garza vs. Carrillo, Ryker vs. Gulak


Jaxson Ryker took on Drew Gulak while Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo had a fun bout on this week's WWE Main Event, taped in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Drew Gulak (5:18)

Gulak was able to get a few moves in at the beginning of the bout, which Ryker didn’t take lightly. Ryker played a babyface role here but got zero reaction or attention from the crowd.

Gulak continued to try to apply various holds until the former Forgotten Son was able to muster up some momentum. Ryker bounced Gulak off the middle rope and lifted him up for a suplex, followed by a running clothesline for his seventh straight singles win.

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo (6:18)

Carrillo offered a handshake, but Garza went to ringside and gave a fan a rose instead. Carrillo tried to work down Garza with a headlock into a commercial break. 

Garza was laying in some deep chops when the match returned before taking Carrillo to the mat and trying to pry his mouth open. Garza didn’t have control for long before Carrillo bounced back and actually got somewhat of a good crowd reaction.

Going toward the finish, Carrillo seemed in firm control, but after he missed a dive, Garza hit the Wing Clipper for the win. I like this finisher for Garza as it’s unique and makes him look good.