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WWE Main Event results: Garza vs. Metalik, Gulak vs. Tozawa


Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa (4:40)

Tozawa has become somewhat of the main Main Event enhancement talent over the last six months. He works really hard and some of his moves are really impressive, but they never committed to his ninja gimmick and now he’s just a guy in a gi.

He and Gulak have really only faced each other a handful of times in their time with WWE, but they have teamed together on Main Event before. That was the explanation for the match as Byron Saxton said that their losses together as a team had caused them to fall out.

They worked well together here. Tozawa did a beautiful cannonball from the apron to the floor and his Octopus always goes over well. In the end, Gulak caught him coming off the ropes. He had Tozawa in a a torture rack position and from there, transitioned into a neckbreaker for the win. They’re calling it the Cyclone Crash and it looks pretty cool.

The win here was Gulak’s first win since November while Tozawa is now winless since Survivor Series.

Angel Garza defeated Gran Metalik (w/ Lince Dorado) (7:10)

The exit of Andrade from the company last week make me wonder about how long the likes of Garza will stick around. This is a guy with a ton of class, charisma, and talent who feels cruelly shuffled to the back of the deck.

This was good solid stuff as you might expect. They did a lot a mat work early on and got a little creative as well, but the pace was really too slow. They would have been better to just go all out and cut the match by two minutes.

In the end, Garza charged at Metalik and nailed him with a vicious looking running clothesline before punching him in the jaw. This got Metalik suitably softened up so Garza could apply the Wing Clipper which is still a very cool finisher.

The win keeps him undefeated on this show since Keith Lee defeated him back in December last year. 

Final Thoughts:

These were two perfectly fine matches this week from four very good wrestlers. There’s nothing wrong with this show, but a shakeup of the talent that appears every week would be nice. Some of these guys need some proper TV time and Main Event would be better served as a platform for less experienced performers.