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WWE Main Event results: Garza vs. Tozawa, Carrillo vs. Gulak


The Big Takeaways:

Angel Garza essentially squashed Akira Tozawa in a repeat of their match from last week’s Main Event while Humberto Carrillo picked a rare win against Drew Gulak to close out the show. 

Show Recap:

Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa (5:27)

In a rematch from last week’s show, Garza once again came out on top in a perfectly acceptable match. For a man who has great deal of charisma and in-ring ability, it’s worth repeating how underutilized Garza is right now.

Barring 24/7 title nonsense, Tozawa just doesn’t win on WWE television these days and is essentially performing the role of enhancement talent at this point.

Garza slowly and methodically beat up Tozawa for a little over five minutes. He threw him around, tied him up in knots, stomped on him and did it all with a big grin on his face before eventually nailing him with the Wing Clipper for the win.

Short of Tozawa getting in a roll up and trying an octopus in the last minute, this was effectively a squash, albeit a reasonably entertaining one. They need to let Garza show this kind of dominance on Raw and start building something for himself.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Drew Gulak (7:09)

This was pretty much as good as you might expect from these two in the time that they were given. It started to build to something satisfying just as it ended -- par for the course on this show.

They went through a commercial break and Gulak locked Carrillo into an armbar. Carrillo was able to break it by the tiniest of margins as he barely got his foot to the rope. They played this up well and built the drama expertly.

They went back and forth but Gulak got caught with a springboard kick to put him in position for the moonsault. Carrillo got a ton of height and it looked really impressive. 

This fine performance from Carrillo marked his first win of 2021 while Gulak is without a win to his name in over three months now.

Final Thoughts:

WWE Main Event has comfortably resorted to the norm within a matter of weeks. These guys always work hard, but only the most hardcore of fans will bother to go out of their way to find this show.