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WWE Main Event results: Gulak vs. Garza, Mansoor vs. Tozawa


Mansoor defeated Akira Tozawa (5:27)

The WWE releases over this past week doesn't seem to have affected the limited pool of talent that trade wins here on Main Event. Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton continued on commentary, but this show was always so much improved when Samoa Joe was at the announce table.

For those keeping count, Mansoor is still undefeated and with the win here against Tozawa kept his run going. His last loss was back at an August 2019 NXT Tampa show where he lost in a battle royal.

They had a perfectly fine match in the time given. Tozawa is really good and helped to put over Mansoor who needs to work with a greater range of talent on Raw or SmackDown. It’s time to push his streak and give him a little nudge.

In the end, Mansoor had a near fall out of a spinebuster, caught Tozawa’s leg, and nailed him with his apron slingshot neckbreaker for the win.

Angel Garza defeated Drew Gulak (9:13)

It wouldn’t have been a huge surprise to see Garza or Gulak in the list of releases this week. It’s great that they’re still working, but they need to do something useful with them. 

Gulak is an excellent worker, but, in Garza’s case, he not only works well but has a ton of charisma to go with it. He is a great heel and knows exactly how to draw heat. It’s a real waste to see these guys on this show with its limited audience.

They certainly gave this one time as they went through a commercial break and gave Gulak some shine among Garza’s dominance. At one point, Gulak had the Gu-Lock on and Garza did a hell of a job selling it as it felt like he would tap, but he was able to grab the bottom rope.

After trading roll-ups and small packages, Garza nailed Gulak with a right hand and beat him clean with the Wing Clipper. The loss leaves Gulak with a pretty awful record, having only notched up one win in the last six months.

Final Thoughts:

I’m still not convinced by Mansoor, who just isn’t the right build or persona to keep winning like this every week. They are, at least, protecting him and trying to talk up him as a dominant figure. It's time they pulled the trigger on him and put his streak on mainstream television. Otherwise, it’s even more meaningless than it already is.

Garza and Gulak were pretty great here and both should feel that they deserve more right now. Garza is more than capable of working a main roster program with someone for one of the minor titles, but with Gulak, they probably need to hit the reset button and try him with something new that he can get over.