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WWE Main Event results: Jeff Hardy vs. Ricochet

Jeff Hardy vs. Ricochet

The Big Takeaway:

In his Main Event debut, Jeff Hardy lost to Ricochet in a close encounter that involved Elias, capping off a one-match show that was otherwise just Raw recaps.


Ricochet defeated Jeff Hardy (7:21)

On the rare occasion where storylines that play out on the Raw spill over to Main Event, it instantly makes this show feel relevant and a lot more meaningful. Although this was one of those rarities, it was marred by the omnipresence of Elias. 

Hardy vs. Ricochet was billed by Tom Phillips as being their first ever match together in WWE. At the bell, Elias was shown at the top of the ramp by the Titantron, mic’d up and strumming his guitar. Ricochet and Hardy complained to the ref, but they eventually shrugged it off and tried to carry on.

Elias played a song about sinning and sinners throughout the whole match. Rather than providing a soundtrack, it was just a distraction for the viewer. Phillips noted that we could buy his album on Apple Music.

Hardy and Ricochet went through a break but it was really just a vehicle to get to the post-match angle. It was largely a 50-50 match, all told. Hardy continually stared down Elias whenever he was facing the ramp. 

It looked like Hardy had it won after he hit Whisper in the Wind, but Ricochet kicked out for a near fall. He went for the Twist of Fate, but Ricochet had it scouted and pinned Hardy with a backslide.

After the match, Hardy walked past Elias fuming and returned with a guitar which he smashed over Elias’ back. He gave a thumbs up to Ricochet for the match and walked to the back, leaving Elias laying.

Final Thoughts:

If Main Event played out with one angle per week alongside being a training ground for new talent -- or for vets trying out new gimmicks -- it would actually provide a function for the show. 

Hardy and Ricochet should have a been an intriguing matchup, but it was by the numbers. It will be interesting if they reference the post-match spot with Elias at all in future.