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WWE Main Event results: John Morrison vs. Drew Gulak


This week’s show was taped at the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, Ohio before Monday’s Raw.

Mace (w/ T-Bar) defeated Austin Crane (3:35)

As you would expect from the time they went, this was a squash. It was fine, but had nothing really of note to it.

It’s been a few months since Mace and T-Bar were out here on Main Event, but there was no real explanation as to why Mace was working solo duties here. T-Bar did little of anything, but was in full ring gear on the sidelines.

Crane didn’t get an entrance as he was already in the ring as the show started. Kevin Patrick called him "a local" but, in reality, he is Star Rider from OVW and worked this one sans mask.

Mace smashed Crane’s head off the announce table and shouted to Byron Saxton, "Remember me, Byron?" over and over before throwing him back into the ring. Saxton no sold it, but they didn’t explain it either.

Mace pulled out of an initial three count to inflict more punishment after he had already used a fallaway slam. He then picked Crane back up and finished him off with a leg lariat for the win. 

John Morrison defeated Drew Gulak (7:31)

Morrison was actually making his show debut in this one against Gulak, which is saying something, but, all told, this was a solid match.

They seem to have replaced one high flyer who doesn’t move as well as they used to in Jeff Hardy with another here on Main Event. Then again, Miz is off dancing the tango for at least one more week so this will likely be a temporary situation.

As they were circling, Saxton was complaining that Gulak takes his job too seriously, should lighten up and should try watching some cartoons. This is a guy who has only three wins to his name in all of 2021, so cartoons may not be the answer.

The two styles worked reasonably well together here. Morrison was trying some nice things, but compared to Gulak’s very real, tangible holds that are close to the mat, Morrison’s rolling Alabama slam and running knee to the face looked really fake.

Gulak had worked over Morrison’s left arm and put on an armbar after he had kicked out of a pin attempt. But in the end, it was a running clothesline and Starship Pain that got this done.

Final Thoughts:

The squash was fairly dull, but Morrison and Gulak were good enough together to get the pre-Raw crowd into it at the end. Morrison is still enough of a name to get people excited and despite the post-production crowd sweetening, he seemed to do that here.