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WWE Main Event results: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs. Shelton Benjamin & R-Truth

Fallon Henley also made her WWE main roster debut on this week's show.

This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota, before Monday’s Raw.

Dana Brooke defeated Fallon Henley (4:38)

There wasn't much to this one, but it allowed Henley to get a chance to work in front of a bigger live crowd than usual.

This week they debuted some NXT Level Up talent with Henley here and Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen at the top of the show. Henley accepted a pre-match open challenge by Brooke and got in an inset promo with Briggs and Jensen alongside her.

It was a babyface vs. babyface affair with the pair shaking hands at the bell. They essentially made Henley look like the rookie with Brooke showing her experience on a few occasions, including for the finish.

Henley splashed Brooke in the corner, but got her knee caught so Brooke took advantage with a quick sunset flip to get the win.

Henley got some offense in, but the finish was a bit lame. After the match, Brooke picked Henley up and raised her hand.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen defeated R-Truth & Shelton Benjamin (6:46)

This was OK, but was dominated more by the veteran team not being on the same page.

This week, it was Benjamin and Truth who couldn’t get along. With Ali on Raw, they have just changed the storyline, but it's not really clear why Benjamin is accepting tag partners if he is a lone wolf.

Jensen and Briggs were good together with lots of quick tags early on. Before the break, Truth and Benjamin regained control and when we returned they went through their finishing movesets.

Truth did his John Cena moves, but didn’t get to the AA because Benjamin tagged himself in. He came in and dominated with German suplexes before Benjamin and Truth started to argue again.

With the confusion, Briggs and Brooks are able to get it together. Benjamin randomly went outside for a chair, but the referee grabbed it out of his hands as he had it poised and ready to swing.

Briggs and Brooks shoved Truth into Benjamin which sent Benjamin tumbling through the ropes, allowing them to hit the high/low for their debut Main Event win.

Final Thoughts:

It was nice to see some new faces this week, but the in-ring work was nothing to write home about.