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WWE Main Event results: Karrion Kross vs. Ricochet


This week’s show was taped at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, before Monday’s WWE Raw.

Cedric Alexander defeated Lince Dorado (6:23)

As reported this week, Gran Metalik requested his release from WWE. As a result, we got Dorado working on his own here. For what it's worth, Lucha House Party, in their various guises, were always an excellent team to open up a show.

According to Byron Saxton, this was Alexander and Dorado’s first ever singles encounter and, all told, it was really good. It ran a good minute longer than normal Main Event openers tend to go and ended with an emphatic three count as the crowd chanted along.

The amount that these two fit in to their six minutes was impressive. It was a true back-and-forth with Alexander playing the dirty heel, but each man had moves that looked as though they could get it done.

Dorado was the star here, using nice little combinations. He came off the top with a crossbody for two, but couldn’t catch Alexander with a handspring neck breaker and got nailed with the Lumbar Check, giving Alexander the win.

This was a good match that ended a little against the run of play with Alexander getting his hand raised. Regardless, this was good pre-Raw fodder. 

For those keeping count, this was Alexander’s first win since May.

Karrion Kross defeated Ricochet (6:40)

Kross is back on Main Event. In itself, that's enough to irk even the most casual of Kross’ fans, but his new ring gear looks goofy and his whole presentation is now essentially a bit ridiculous.

To make matters worse, the match was more about Ricochet than it was Kross. Ultimately, it was only when Kross was in peril that he pulled the win out of the bag.

They went through a commercial after Kross was sent packing as Ricochet struck his superhero pose. 

Afterward, it was more about Kross but not in a way that was especially impressive. Ricochet did at least put over his strength and sell some of his moves as if they were extremely damaging.

In the end, Ricochet had Kross hoisted up in a fireman’s carry position, but Kross fought his way out and hit a huge power bomb. Kross purposely stopped the count at two and then locked in the Kross Jacket for the finish.

This wasn't their finest hour because overall, the match felt a little clunky. Even at the end, Ricochet passed out in the sleeper far too quickly and so it seemed anti-climactic.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event was a tepid show this week, despite the good opening match. With Kross and Ricochet booked as the headliner, I was hoping for a little bit more of a storied match. Neither man should even be on this show, but Ricochet, especially, cannot seem to shake off his attachment to Main Event.