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WWE Main Event results: Lee vs. Garza, Jaxson Ryker appears

Keith Lee vs. Angel Garza

The Big Takeaway:

Elias appeared in a segment with new friend Jaxson Ryker who then took out Akira Tozawa while Keith Lee made his Main Event debut in a forgettable win over Angel Garza.


Elias promo

Elias was in the ring to start the show on a stool, mic’d up with an electric guitar slung around his neck. Standing next to him in a white vest and jeans and looking in great shape was Jaxson Ryker, former member of the Forgotten Sons.

Elias ran down his life since WrestleMania and his accident on Raw last week involving a high voltage collision when he jabbed his guitar neck into an amp. He said most people wouldn’t have survived, but it only made him stronger. Ryker looked on appreciatively when Elias played his guitar and joined in loudly on the the "Walk with Elias" catchphrase.

R-Truth then interrupted as he ran down and around the ring with both Erik and Akira Tozawa, among others, giving chase. Tozawa ran through the ring and got absolutely clobbered by a Ryker clothesline. R-Truth got on the mic and said he liked Elias/ song, but liked his own better. The segment closed with Elias and Ryker watching on as R-Truth sang his theme.

Ryker’s mere presence will divide opinion, but I’m not sure what this achieved. Elias didn’t acknowledge Ryker at all with Tom Philips only mentioning his name when Tozawa ate the clothesline. 

Keith Lee defeated Angel Garza (7:22)

There was a wonderful moment in the Royal Rumble back in January where Brock Lesnar had run through anyone who was anyone and looked indestructible in doing so. The buzzer went for number 13 and out came Keith Lee. Lesnar looked him up and down and gave him a nod, even sporting a grin of approval. It looked like we were pulling back the curtain on a future WrestleMania main event.

11 months later, Lee came out here to debut on Main Event to no fanfare and no fans in attendance. It was only two weeks ago that Lee had his own WWE: 24 documentary air on the WWE Network. How did we get here? 

Nothing against either of these two, but this felt like every Big Show match toward the end of his in-ring run with the company. Lee beat Garza up forever and went through a commercial break. Garza got some hope, finally taking Lee down to the mat. He took him outside and ran him into the announce table and ringpost. He tried to cover him twice, but Lee kicked out at one on both occasions.

The finish happened with Lee on his knees. He walloped Garza with the Grizzly Magnum which Garza sold like it broke his entire torso. Lee then nailed him with the Spirit Bomb for the win.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event’s new format continues: one angle followed by one match. I’m all for change and it was certainly time for one. Unfortunately, the angles so far have been thrown together and fairly nonsensical. More inexcusable is the use of absolute stars like Keith Lee on a show with virtually no viewership.