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WWE Main Event results: Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina

Veer Mahaan was also in action against Apollo Crews.
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This week’s Main Event was taped at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina before Monday’s Raw.

Veer Mahaan defeated Apollo Crews (w/ Commander Azeez) (5:00)

This was a rematch from last week and ended with the same outcome. It was definitely a better contest than last time out and felt much pacier.

While Veer Mahaan is still undefeated and may or may not appear on Raw one day soon, Apollo Crews now only has one singles win since last August. They just aren’t pushing the act with Crews and Commander Azeez like they had been -- and they looked weak again here.

Azeez got a cheap shot in early on but was sent packing far too easily at the finish. He’s such an enormous presence but isn’t being booked like he should be.

In this one and in last week’s match, Crews tried to get all his stuff into the short bout, but Mahaan had an answer for everything.

Mahaan is slowly improving and seems to enjoy being a babyface as he was here. He finished this one by pulling Crews down from the top rope and using a running splash/Thesz Press.

It remains to be seen what Mahaan's finisher will be if and when he joins the main roster, as he’s now used three over the last few months.

Liv Morgan defeated Queen Zelina (w/ Carmella) (8:01)

This dragged a little as they were given too much time, but Zelina Vega is enjoying her gimmick and Liv Morgan looked good again here.

Not only was this the first time I can recall one half of the women’s tag team champions working a match on Main Event, this match also marked Vega's debut on this show.

Logically, Morgan should have been given a tag partner and they could have worked a better match, but nothing tends to make much sense on this show. Carmella didn’t do much other than help Vega out of a pin late on.

Morgan recently worked the women's Elimination Chamber match and has been up against Rhea Ripley and Doudrop of late, but this was the second time this year she has found herself on Main Event.

After the ad break, they got going into a much better pace and Morgan managed to come back and hit the Oblivion out of nowhere to get the win.

The way that Morgan powers up to quickly snap on Oblivion is really effective and is the kind of thing they could make way more of. This was a good win for her.

Final Thoughts --

Two pretty average matches this week on a show that continues to exist in a vacuum. It will be interesting to see what happens with Veer and whether post-WrestleMania we get any roster shake-ups that would bring some fresh faces to Main Event.