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WWE Main Event results: Los Lotharios vs. The Viking Raiders


This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, before Monday’s Raw.

Mansoor defeated Drew Gulak (5:42)

Despite finally defeating Mustafa Ali, who had treated him like crap for several months, Mansoor found his way back to Main Event working with Drew Gulak. It was always probably going to wind up this way.

Byron Saxton claimed that defeating Ali, which he did both at Crown Jewel and then again on SmackDown, was the greatest victory of his career. There’s nothing quite like following something like that up with a match on a show that nobody watches against a guy who has had four victories to his name all year.

But Mansoor is good and Gulak is good, so this wasn’t bad at all. In fact, there were some nice spots that were better than some of the work seen at last weekend's Survivor Series.

Mansoor is pretty strong and agile. He caught Gulak at one point and managed to lift him up from a standing position into a vertical suplex. 

They were pretty even with both trying half Boston crabs until the fight spilled to the apron. Mansoor got the better of Gulak and hit his finisher: a neat slingshot neckbreaker that always looks great. 

Mansoor hasn’t lost a singles match since early July, so I’m not sure why he’s back working Main Event again.

Los Lotharios defeated The Viking Raiders (7:17)

Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo were always going to be a great tag team, but there are few more "Vince" words than "lothario." Los Lotharios does not have the ring of a name that main events pay-per-views. Much like the Viking Raiders, it's a name for a team that spends all its time opening house shows or working on Main Event.

Much like the opener, though, this was good fun. It was well-paced and quite chaotic and so, it was a good curtain jerker for this pre-Raw crowd.

They worked through a commercial break where Erik and Ivar had threatened stereo suicide dives on Garza and Carrillo before they went to the break, When they returned, it quickly built to the finish.

It looked as though the Raiders had it in the bag after Ivar hit both Garza and Carrillo with a diving cannonball off the apron with the latter pulled back in the ring to be finished off. 

As Erik went for a charge to the corner, Garza pulled Carrillo out of the way. Carrillo then threw Garza's pants at Erik who caught them and looked confused. This allowed Los Lotharios to double-team him as Carrillo nailed him with a springboard kick to the head which got them the win.

Final Thoughts:

All six of these men worked the battle royale at Survivor Series and then went on to do the same at SmackDown. Working Main Event and matches without entrance music is about where they seem to be, but there’s a ton of talent here that’s not used right. Garza and Carrillo, in particular, are really very good and should have been packaged with a little more care and a little more cool.