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WWE Main Event results: Mahal vs. Hardy, Ali vs. Ricochet II


The show was called by Byron Saxton and Corey Graves this week as the latter came in to replace Kevin Patrick who became a father this week. Congrats to him.

Ricochet defeated Mustafa Ali (5:44)

Ricochet and Ali are trying their best to do what they can with the cards they have been dealt. Both men used Twitter as a platform to cut promos and continue to build a program. To be fair to them, it's getting a lot of buzz.

Despite the effort and the quality, they were still put on first here and given just over five minutes. When you look at the match they put on last, that decision really leaves a lot to be desired.

There was some really good work in the time that they had. Ricochet did a ridiculous shooting star press onto a fullu upright Ali while Ali focused on working over Ricochet’s left leg throughout the match.

This was very much a match they divided straight down the middle and could have gone either way. Ali tried to roll Ricochet up and use the ropes just as he did last week, but the referee saw it and stopped the count.

Ricochet won by reversing the cover attempt immediately while also holding onto the bottom rope to get the advantage. Now that they have traded wins, we will likely get the rubber match next week. Let’s hope they move it up to Raw because work of this quality needs more eyes on it.

Jinder Mahal (w/ Veer & Shanky) defeated Jeff Hardy (6:24)

It’s been a year since Mahal was on Main Event. He worked a six-man tag at January's WWE Superstar Spectacle, but has otherwise been out for the last year due to further complications following June 2020 knee surgery. 

Despite this being a pairing of two former WWE Championship titleholders, it was tepid and dull to say the least.

As you might expect, Hardy tried his best to inject some life into it, but Mahal used kicks, knees, chinlocks, an abdominal stretch and not much else to beat Hardy up for just over six minutes.

The win came after Hardy missed a senton and Mahal pinned him with the Khallas, leaving Hardy without a singles win since January. 

Veer and Shanky offered nothing, only coming in the ring at the end to celebrate with Mahal. Presumably, they will either develop this relationship or capitulate and pretend it never happened.

Final Thoughts:

They need to bump Ricochet and Ali up to one of the main roster shows and let them play out this angle properly. It's better than 90% of the other content they put out each week. 

Mahal’s return was uninspiring. Although they will want to use Main Event to try a few things out with him, they should be giving this spot to some developmental talent or some of the women’s roster who almost never get a match on Main Event. Hardy deserves better than this, but he’s in the spot now that Chris Jericho was talking about on the Broken Skull Sessions podcasts where you’re just there to put people over that they trust as they don’t want to spend time investing in your character any longer.