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WWE Main Event results: Mansoor vs. Benjamin, Ryker vs. Garza


Jaxson Ryker defeated Angel Garza (5:01)

The final ThunderDome Main Event opened up with both Garza and Ryker working as babyfaces. At the bell, they shook hands before squaring off for a match that didn’t offer very much.

Ryker was last seen on Main Event when he and Elias were a tag team back in February. After a short run that culminated in a Tag Team title shot at the end of May, things seem to have cooled off for Ryker.

Garza, meanwhile. has quietly turned into a babyface, despite being better as a heel. Not only is he extremely talented, but he gets better every time he’s on Main Event. It’s a huge waste to see him used in this way.

As you’d expect, this was mostly Ryker taking it to Garza. The only real time Garza got any chance was when Ryker grabbed his trousers which, of course, are designed to come off. This gave Garza chance to try to wear Ryker down.

It didn’t last long and Ryker charged Garza in the corner, using a slingshot suplex before finishing him with a sloppy-looking sidewalk slam for the win.

At this point, Ryker has a great look but could do with a few more matches under his belt.

Mansoor (w/ Mustafa Ali) defeated Shelton Benjamin (7:29)

Benjamin continued his losing streak here as he finds himself with only one win since March while also becoming a semi-regular on Main Event again.

Mansoor, flanked by Ali, continues to impress, but would never have won this one without the weak distraction finish.

This was a little slow and dull as Benjamin used lots of rest holds and Mansoor had to try to burst into life to get things moving. As Kevin Patrick noted at the top of the match, Benjamin used to be the highlight reel and poster guy for Money in the Bank. Looking at him here, it's a pretty depressing use of talent.

With lots of Ali shouting at Mansoor and back and forth, they went to a finish after the break that just made Benjamin look stupid. 

Benjamin covered Mansoor using the second rope, but Ali alerted the ref. Benjamin was mad and started to stalk Ali, threatening to go outside. Mansoor took advantage and rolled him up for the win. 

Nothing about this finish was good, but that’s the direction of travel for Mansoor right now who was the victim of being given an undefeated streak that now means they don’t really know what to do with him.

Final Thoughts:

Another tepid show again this week, mainly because everyone on it is in limbo with no real creative direction. All had programs on the main roster shows this year, but now find themselves right at the back of a thoroughly shuffled deck.