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WWE Main Event results: Mojo Rawley vs. Chad Gable


The Big Takeaway: Titus Worldwide picked up a relatively easy victory against The Ascension. Mojo Rawley then made it two wins in as many weeks in a strong match against Chad Gable.


Titus Worldwide defeated The Ascension (5:42)

There was a period back in 2016 when The Ascension were on Superstars every other week and writing about them got stale as they lost to anyone who was anyone. Unfortunately, not much has changed -- bar their face paint.

But much of this is hardly their fault. Look at Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, for example. When they first arrived from Japan there was a hope that they would bring killer heat and use that Bullet Club dominance at every turn. It has hardly worked out that way. Konnor is huge; Viktor is a good worker. In another company, these two could probably do pretty well.

The match was as you would expect. The finish saw Konnor break up the cover of O'Neil on Viktor. Crews sent Konnor outside and then hit a beautiful standing moonsault off the apron, with Konnor just barely catching him. O’Neil then nailed Viktor with the Clash of the Titus for the win.

Mojo Rawley defeated Chad Gable (7:31)

This was easily Rawley’s best match on Main Event since he switched brands during the Superstar Shakeup in April. But then Gable has been the best opponent Rawley has had in recent months. They had a pretty even contest and put together a very strong closing segment to the match.

Gable came off the apron with a cannonball senton and rolled Rawley back in the ring, but he got caught coming off the top rope with a crossbody. Rawley went for the Hyper Drive before Gable fought his way out. Gable tried to pin Rawley with a German suplex into a bridge but didn’t have enough.

Rawley hit the Hyper Drive, but Gable kicked out at two, so he set up and hit Gable with a running forearm smash for the win. The combination of Rawley’s timing, the camera cut just as he hit the move, and Gable’s selling all made the move look fairly devastating. This was a good win for Rawley.