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WWE Main Event results: Mojo Rawley vs. Rhyno


The Big Takeaway: No Way Jose got another win against Mike Kanellis, who is still without a singles win since July 2017. Mojo Rawley also dispensed with Rhyno in fairly quick fashion.


No Way Jose defeated Mike Kanellis (5:14)

Both Jose and Kanellis are Raw main roster talents who are being underused at present. Jose made his Monday Night Raw debut the night after WrestleMania 34 with a quick victory over an enhancement wrestler, but he has failed to make an impact since. Kanellis seems to have suffered from a lack of a creative direction too.

These two were fine together, but you have to think that Kanellis has much more to offer than he is being allowed to show right now. There were glimpses of that here in a match that otherwise dragged a little in the middle.

The finish saw Kanellis, who looked like he was on course for the victory, take too much time setting up on the top rope with Jose prone. Jose popped up and nailed Kanellis with his knockout punch for the win.

Mojo Rawley defeated Rhyno (w/ Heath Slater) (3:23)

Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson claimed that Rawley was still reeling from his defeat at the hands of Bobby Roode two weeks back on Raw.

The anger made sense with this going as short as it did. Rhyno didn’t get much of his stuff in at all. They did lots of tests of strength early on. They went through a commercial break and came back to Rhyno getting the hope, culminating in a near fall.

Rawley then fired up and nailed Rhyno with a running forearm smash and pinned him in the middle of the ring with an impressive Alabama slam. Slater seemed very muted on the sidelines, and it felt a little like they were trying something new with Rawley here.