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WWE Main Event results: Murphy vs. Carrillo, Belair vs. Kay


By Skylar Russell for

The Big Takeaway:

This is the last WWE “show” to take place from the Performance Center, hopefully. Murphy and Humberto Carrillo put on a match worth watching, but besides that, the episode wasn't very eventful. 

Show Recap:

Bianca Belair pinned Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce) (6:19)

This was a rematch from an early July Main Event.

It’s a shame that Belair is still being regulated to Main Event as she is so damn good, i hope she has a bright future. Kay, on the other hand, still needs some significant work in my opinion.

Kay started off the match trying to take down Belair with various methods including wrenching the arm and slamming her to the mat by her hair. Kay kept trying to find ways to outpower and knock Belair down. Belair finally got knocked down from Kay’s leg maneuver, and Billie mocked her for it. In retaliation, Belair kipped up. After Belair got some momentum, Kay connected with a big kick to the face thanks to Royce's distraction tactics.

Kay took advantage, working on the arm and shoulder. Belair got back into it with the crowd on her side, which got her extremely fired up.   She went to the top after a minute of offense, but with another Royce distraction, she missed her jump and rolled through. Kay tried to take advantage, but Belair hit the K.O.D for the three count.

Murphy pinned Humberto Carrillo (7:41)

I sound like a broken record, but it’s also a shame that Murphy is regulated to Main Event. I know he’s in a prominent story with Seth Rollins and friends, but it still feels like he should be bigger. Carrillo is just meh to me at this point. 

Murphy started off the match by working heavy on Carrillo’s left arm as the commentary team spent time putting over Rollins vs. Dominik at SummerSlam. Carrillo finally escaped the arm agony and started running the ropes, trading near misses with Murphy before hitting a beautiful rana. Murphy eventually regained control over the commercial break and stomped a mudhole in Carrillo when we came back. 

Carrillo eventually reached his feet again and Murphy started clubbing him forearms to his lower back, before Carrillo hit a nasty spinning backfist. But, Murphy just kept working on his lower back. Carrillo finally got a second wind and was able to hit a backspring elbow. He then hit a wonderful looking dropkick to Murphy’s neck from the top rope.

Carrillo seemed like he was going to win with his moonsault, but nobody was home and Murphy followed up with a great running pump knee strike for the win.