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WWE Main Event results: Mustafa Ali vs. T-Bar, Ciampa vs. Reggie

This week's Main Event action saw Ali's return to the show after a year.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Resch Center Arena in Green Bay, Wisconsin, before Monday’s Raw.

Ciampa defeated Reggie (5:28)

This was a decent match, but wasn’t as a good as the one they had on Main Event a few weeks back.

Ciampa still finds himself in limbo. Despite some Raw TV time with Mustafa Ali, he wound up back on Main Event. That has to be frustrating for a guy who used to regularly tear it up in NXT with Johnny Gargano.

Reggie is an athletic guy and has plenty of flips and tricks up his sleeve, which the crowd was certainly into here in Green Bay. He just needs something to get his teeth into because, right now, his character and ring attire just aren’t working.

Ciampa took most of this one, but gave plenty to Reggie like spinning kicks, crossbodies and a moonsault toward the end, but Ciampa was always going to win this one.

In the end, Reggie came off the top with his moonsault and landed on his feet, only to get nailed with a sprinting high knee from Ciampa. The Fairytale Ending finished him off to leave Ciampa undefeated on Main Event.

Mustafa Ali defeated T-Bar (7:13)

This was a good match here with a strong last few minutes. This was Ali’s first Main Event singles win in a year, almost to the day.

It's bittersweet to see him back on Main Event after a year where he was finally getting some main roster TV action. With Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez making the move to NXT, the door seems to have been wide open for Ali to return here.

T-Bar has worked hard on this show week in and week out, and must feel like Ali did last year when he was asking for his release.

The two worked well together here. Ali is one of those guys who seems to get a good match out of most, but T-Bar is becoming that kind of safe pair of hands too.

It actually looked like T-Bar was going to win this one, but he took too long getting it done and his arrogance got the better of him.

After the commercial break, Ali seemed to escape most things that T-Bar was trying, but did eat a big boot for a near fall. The finish saw him escape again and plant T-Bar with a DDT to leave him prone for the 450 splash and pin.

Final Thoughts:

This week's show saw two decent matches with a strong return from Mustafa Ali. Ciampa vs. Ali would be the match I would want to see next week as cruel as that may seem. 

T-Bar has surely served his time on this show now. Give the guy a renewed direction and give him a chance on Raw or SmackDown.