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WWE Main Event results: Natalya vs. Sarah Logan


The Big Takeaway: Sarah Logan has new ring gear and face paint, but it didn’t help her as she submitted to Natalya’s Sharpshooter. No Way Jose grabbed a rare win against Eric Young, with Young now winless in singles action since July.

Vic Joseph and Byron Saxton were on announcing duties again this week and still no mention of Mickie James or Dio Maddin.


Natalya defeated Sarah Logan (5:13)

Natalya is a perfect example of a wrestler who just works wherever she is needed. Two weeks ago, she was on Raw facing off against Asuka, while last Sunday she was in the Survivor Series five-on-five-on-five women's triple threat elimination tag match.

Here she was up against Sarah Logan, a member of the women’s roster who -- apart from that appearance at Survivor Series -- has become a regular on Main Event with little going on right now. 

The pair worked perfectly well together in this one, with Natalya allowing Logan plenty of offense and leading her through five minutes of good back and forth.

The finish was fairly pedestrian. Logan attempted a double knee strike in the corner, but Natalya had it scouted and rolled Logan up for a near fall. Natalya sent Logan into the post and -- as she sold it -- Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter for the win.

No Way Jose defeated Eric Young (6:36)

Another week, another defeat for former SAnitY member Eric Young. And against of all people, perennial Main Event jobber No Way Jose. 

You have to go back as far as July to find Young in a singles match where he came out on top and -- despite sporadic tag team team victories -- he finds himself right at the bottom of a stacked roster with no real direction.

No Way Jose matches are never much to shout about and Young looked streets ahead of Jose in terms of in-ring quality. When he gets going, he moves around with such speed and dominance.

The finish came after a commercial break. Young came off the top turnbuckle for a dive, but Jose dodged it and Young landed on his feet. Jose then hit the pop-up punch for the win.