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WWE Main Event results: Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans

Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans

The Big Takeaways:

R-Truth retained his 24/7 Championship after Drew Gulak tried to lure him into a trap with a phony contract signing while Nikki Cross notched a win over Lacey Evans after Peyton Royce’s interference backfired.


R-Truth promo 

The show opened up with Sarah Schreiber in the ring who introduced R-Truth as the "45 time 24/7 Champion." She asked why he had requested this interview and Truth explained his third middle name is dangerous and likened himself to John Cena. He said there was one thing holding him back from being just like his hero: a contract signing.

Drew Gulak interrupted while holding a clipboard and contract. Truth wasn’t sure at first but soon thought that it was good idea, listing that he wanted a United States of declaration conference table, pens with lasers on them, and Gary Oldman dressed as Commissioner Gordon to officiate over the signing.

Gulak and Schreiber frowned, but Gulak encouraged Truth to at least read the contract. As Truth looked it over, Gulak beckoned a ref to the ring and took off his jacket. He quickly rolled Truth up for two, but Truth leapt up to hit Gulak with Cena’s AA. His music played as he tore up the contract and left Gulak laying.

Like all the angles they’ve done on Main Event since the format change, this was fairly nonsensical as it felt thrown together and didn’t achieve much of anything. Credit to R-Truth, though, who at the age of 48 is still wildly entertaining for some reason.

Niki Cross defeated Lacey Evans (w/ Peyton Royce) (5:29)

They showed what happened two weeks ago on Main Event when Evans distracted Cross so that Royce could get a win after having been largely dominated in the match.

Evans and Royce came out together with Evans in ring gear and Royce looking incredible in a denim one piece. They joked about the "f-word" which Royce revealed was "friends." 

They mocked Cross for being a former best friend of Alexa Bliss, saying that people only knew who she was by association. In chrous, they called her a loser just like the Iiconics would have done. (It’s baffling as to why they even bothered splitting them up to just replace Billie Kay with Evans.)

After a nothing match, Cross pinned Evans after Royce had tried to save Evans from a cover by pulling her out the ring. The ref stopped it and chastised Royce while Evans got the visual three count. When the ref turned back, Cross reversed the small package for the victory.

After the match, Nikki ran off and Evans and Royce squabbled in the ring about the result. 

It’s hard to believe that this creative team is writing for adult performers when you watch this stuff. These appear to be schoolyard relationships, executed poorly.

Final Thoughts:

Watching this show in its new format still leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, but after over eight years of the same thing, they are at least attempting to put out a wrestling show each week that doesn’t just exist in a vacuum.