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WWE Main Event results: Rawley vs. Alexander, Natalya vs. Logan


The Big Takeaway: After submitting Sarah Logan on last week’s show, Natalya pinned her here after a good contest. Mojo Rawley picked up an unlikely win against Cedric Alexander, pinning him in under three minutes.

Byron Saxton and Mickie James were the commentary team this week, with no explanation as to where James has been for the last month or why Vic Joseph was not there.


Natalya defeated Sarah Logan (5:02)

Just like last week, they worked really closely together through this one. There was a ton of mat work between them as they exchanged holds early on and midway through, but Logan played the heel well here and they put on another good match.

They did a spot where Logan was on the apron and hit Natalya with a high knee as she charged at her, but Logan sold it like she was hurt. She went up to the ramp to walk it off. Natalya gave chase, but it was a ruse.

The back and forth was really intricate at times here and it really could have gone either way. Natalya tried to lock in the Sharpshooter that had seen off Logan last week, but she kicked her off. In the end, it was a small package that got Natalya the win.

More of this each week would be welcomed. Logan is clearly learning a lot from working with Natalya, so there has been significant improvement with her in-ring work. She now needs to form a more rounded character.

Mojo Rawley defeated Cedric Alexander (2:36)

Rawley was in rare form here. He was surly and walked around looking like he didn’t want to be there. On the bell he no-sold chops and shouted at Alexander. He continually spread his arms wide and shouted at the fans.

In the time that this went, Rawley caught Alexander in most of his high spots and, despite it going through a commercial break, it was all over very quickly.

Alexander got in some brief offense, trying to roll Rawley up several times and taking him out with an enzuigiri.

When Alexander tried to come off the top rope with a springboard, Rawley caught him on his shoulders and nailed him with the Alabama slam for the win.

This wasn’t a squash, but it might as well have been. You have to wonder where they’re going with Rawley. Some weeks he can lose to No Way Jose, and then here he defeats someone as talented as Cedric Alexander.