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WWE Main Event results: Rezar in singles action


The Big Takeaway: With Akam recovering from a knee injury, Rezar performed solo this week, defeating Tyler Breeze in impressive fashion. Mojo Rawley and No Way Jose also went toe-to-toe, with Rawley grabbing a rare win.


Byron Saxton and Renee Young led the announce team this week alongside Percy Watson with no word as to the whereabouts of Vic Joseph or Nigel McGuinness.

Rezar (w/ Drake Maverick) defeated Tyler Breeze (5:29)

This wasn’t like one of those 1992 WWF Superstars squash matches that I’ve been watching on the WWE Network this week. Breeze played the plucky babyface and got quite a few chances to take the match, but Rezar came through by using a chokeslam for the win.

Back in May, AOP made their main roster debut on this show, and other than a match against Titus O’Neil on Raw a few months back, this was Rezar’s only other singles bout on the main roster to date. Rezar looked impressive here, but Breeze a played a part in making him appear so strong.

After it looked like Rezar had it all sewn up, Breeze managed to reverse a powerbomb attempt into a sleeper. They looked like they lost their way slightly at the end when Rezar couldn’t get Breeze in position for the finish -- and when he did the chokeslam was a little messy. That said, if used right, they have a big guy in Rezar who could really get over.

Mojo Rawley defeated No Way Jose (6:41)

This was a little more muted than the normal Jose matches with the conga line providing a soundtrack to the match. It ended in defeat for Jose, but gave Rawley his first win in 2019, making it his only one in the last four months.

Jose had tagged up with Zack Ryder last week -- and they actually looked like a team that could work. They were slick together and the conga line joined in with Ryder’s "woo" fist pumps. Ryder was nowhere to be seen this week, though, and Jose garnered less reaction when he came out.

It was a fairly tepid 50-50 match until the finish. Jose hit a crossbody from the second rope on Rawley and then got him up in a fireman's carry position, but when Rawley fought out, he hit his shoulder block on Jose.

This got Jose dazed enough for Rawley to lock in and hit a sit-out Alabama slam for the win.