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WWE Main Event results: Rhyno vs. Dash Wilder


The Big Takeaway: Dash Wilder made his singles debut on Main Event in a loss to Rhyno, then the cruiserweights put on a good six-man tag match with a magnificent finish.


Rhyno defeated Dash Wilder (5:45)

Wilder took a lot of the match here despite Rhyno’s size and strength advantage. Unfortunately, Wilder has been completely forgotten about since Scott Dawson got injured and the crowd, who were initially behind Rhyno, quickly didn’t care too much for this match.

Rhyno and Wilder went back and forth until Wilder knocked him off the top rope over to the outside. The blow Rhyno took as he tumbled to the matting slowed him down and let Wilder look like he had a realistic shot.

Wilder tried some quick pin attempts and used a rear chinlock to wear him down, but Rhyno worked his way out and speared Wilder in the corner. Rhyno tried a belly-to-belly suplex but only got a two count.

Rhyno went for the Gore, but Wilder dodged and rolled the posted Rhyno into a schoolboy, using the ropes for leverage. Rhyno kicked out and this time picked up the running Wilder into a spinebuster for the win.

Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali defeated Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar & Tony Nese (5:20)

After endless entrances, Dorado and Daivari started things off together. Ali distracted Daivari and he turned around to eat a slick dropkick from Dorado, but Daivari kicked out at two. Dorado hit him with a second rope springboard moonsault for two and then locked in a rest hold.

Daivari tagged in Dar and Dorado made the tag to Ali. Ali came off the top rope and nailed Dar’s left arm with a double foot stomp and then tagged in Metalik, who did likewise with a double axe handle. Metalik flipped all over around Dar, who did his best to dodge, but he was planted with a bulldog and rolled outside.

Both teams stared each other down as we headed to a break.

Daivari was yelling at Dorado as we returned. He slapped on a rear chinlock to a roar of boos. The crowd clapped Dorado out of the hold and he was able to surprise Daivari with a springboard stunner. They crawled to their corners and tagged in Ali and Dar. Ali overwhelmed Dar and hit him with a roll-through neckbreaker, but Nese and Daivari broke up the pin.

The ring filled, with all six men going at it. The heels were sent packing and Metalik, Dorado, and Ali hit them with triple seated sentons in what was quite the spectacle. Ali rolled Dar back into the ring and hit the 054 for the win. Nese never even got tagged in, but this was a fun match.