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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Alexander, Gulak vs. Garza


The first post-ThunderDome Main Event was immediately improved by having fans in attendance.

Angel Garza defeated Drew Gulak (5:18)

Garza got a great reaction and the fans were into this match throughout. Kevin Patrick noted that he was in front of his home fans here tonight in Dallas, Texas. His connection with the live audience proved once more that he’s really wasted on Main Event every week. He relates well as a babyface or a heel simply because he has tons of charisma and talent.

They went back and forth, but went to cover attempts pretty quickly and it became all action from there. Gulak had two or three two counts before Garza ducked a clothesline and used a German suplex for a near fall.

Gulak used a cloverleaf but it was all for naught at as Garza finished him off with the Wing Clipper to leave Gulak with only three wins to his name in 2021.

This wasn’t much of an opener, but like everything at the moment, it was infinitely better for being live in front of human beings.

Ricochet defeated Cedric Alexander (6:14)

Ricochet was absolutely awesome at Money in the Bank and literally a day later at the Raw taping, they demote him back to Main Event. And once again he killed it, so what does the guy have to do? You really have to wonder.

As you may have seen, the finish to this one included a pretty incredible looking canadian destroyer that did the rounds on social media this week.

Before that, though, it was a solid match that went through a commercial break. Ricochet was hugely over in what Patrick told us was their first match in ten months. Given that they worked so well together, that’s pretty impressive.

In the end, Alexander looked like he was on his way to a victory as he used a couple of power moves for close near falls. Ricochet eventually elbowed his way out of a Lumbar Check attempt and then countered with the aforementioned destroyer.

Ricochet got the win with the Recoil and the crowd counted along with the pin to make him look like a star when he got his hand raised. They need to do this again next week because Alexander isn’t being used for anything useful at all right now.

Final Thoughts:

All the better for being taped in front of fans, of course, but there was still nothing especially noteworthy this week. Ricochet was the star again and he and Alexander can wrestle every week for all I care, but you have wonder when Ricochet will run out of patience.