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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Ali rematch, Belair vs. Morgan

Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali

The Big Takeaways:

In a fine opening match, Bianca Belair extended her win streak to 16-0 since her main roster call-up while Ricochet and Mustafa Ali went at it again, this time with a different outcome in a slightly less satisfying match.


After the rather unexpected appearance of Michael Cole at the announce booth last week, we returned to relative normality with Tom Phillips alongside Byron Saxton.

Bianca Belair defeated Liv Morgan (5:28)

Belair's main roster run has been built around matches with the Iiconics and the former Riott Squad. Morgan came out with Ruby Riott, but after they posed, Riott went to the back.

Belair’s stock has certainly risen over these last few months and while she waits for some creative to sink her teeth into, they are protecting her. She has yet to lose since her call up, short of a battle royal loss on SmackDown.

This was another impressive performance from Belair who works well with Morgan. The feeling you get from watching Belair is that her smoothness and precision would make her an ideal opponent for just about anyone.

In the end, Morgan got the heat with clotheslines, a facebuster, and a dropkick. She went up top to try to finish her with a curb stomp but Belair had it scouted and dodged, wasting no time in launching Morgan up on to her shoulders for the KOD. 

Ricochet defeated Mustafa Ali (7:17)

Ali has been quietly going about his business over the last few months, but has started to make some noise on Twitter to promote the very fine matches that he’s been having on Main Event of late.

As good as this was, it could have gone longer and, in fairness, it wasn’t quite as good as their match on Main Event three weeks ago. But, this is a program worthy of culminating on a PPV for a title, not being demoted to a secondary show.

The last few minutes were all action with Ali locking in a Koji clutch and looking like he would be victorious. Ricochet managed to get a foot to the rope to force a break and it was clear at that point which way this one was going to go. The pair reversed pin attempts back and forth, but it was Ricochet who got it done with a jackknife cover for the win.

Final Thoughts:

It may be a waiting game and a case of making the best of what you're given for the likes of Belair, Ricochet, and Ali, but they have contributed to some very fine performances banked on Main Event each week. There will no doubt be more where this came from over the coming weeks and if so, you won’t hear any complaints from me.