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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Cedric Alexander


The Big Takeaway: This was just a show, made only slightly more interesting by Mickie James on commentary and Ricochet's Main Event debut.

Eric Young picked up his first singles win in six months, getting a victory over No Way Jose. Ricochet made his first-ever appearance on the show in a fun but short win over Cedric Alexander.


Eric Young defeated No Way Jose (4:28)

It has to be said that Eric Young is looking every bit of his 39 years these days. He had new pink ring gear this week that was just as luminous as The Hart Foundation's back in the 80s.

Mickie James came out with some interesting lines on commentary. On No Way Jose she said, “it’s like he doesn’t take it seriously, and when you don’t take it seriously I take it as a bit of a slap in the face.” Ouch.

And while Young was on the second turnbuckle locking in a dragon sleeper, James noted that Young had once played cowbell in a band that she was in, where he wore chaps and a thong. A 2010 TNA reference there for those keeping count.

Overall, this was a little better than the usual No Way Jose matches. They did a spot where he was knocked off the apron and the conga line caught him, then Young came off the top rope with a crossbody to take them all out.

The finish was quite sloppy. Young had Jose in a wheelbarrow and launched him into a kind of Angle Slam, but he didn’t really get it right and it looked patently obvious on camera. Regardless, Jose didn’t kick out and so Young got his first solo win since July.

Ricochet defeated Cedric Alexander (3:40)

Well, I could almost hear the exasperation and expletives when I wrote the title for this recap: Ricochet appearing on Main Event will not be well received, I’m sure. 

This was possibly made worse by the fact that his entrance wasn’t shown and he was already in the ring as Cedric Alexander made his way down. It was surely down to time constraints, but it did make him look a little like a 1990s WWF Superstars jobber.

He and Alexander shook hands on the bell and then exchanged holds and mirrored each other again and again. Everything one did, the other did in return and then we went to a commercial.

They went straight into finishing moves and near falls after the break. Alexander kicked out of a running Shooting Star Press and Ricochet kicked out of a Michinoku Driver. Ricochet ducked under Alexander’s charge and then hit the Recoil for the win.

This was also a little untidy in places, but despite the short time that they were given, it was better than the usual Main Event fodder.