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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Drew Gulak


Mace & T-Bar defeated Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) (5:22)

There wasn’t much to this one, all told. It was what you would expect from these two teams with Lucha House Party offering speed and agility with high spots off the ropes and Mace and T-Bar countering with control and power.

After a quick opening with Dorado and Metalik taking the lead, T-Bar slowed things down with a rest hold before we got to the hot tags.

The ending started with the ring filled with all four men before Mace rolled outside and Metalik nailed him with a top rope moonsault to make you think that this one was going Lucha House Party’s way.

Dorado hit T-Bar with an enzuigiri, but it only stunned him. When Dorado went for a handstand springboard off the ropes, T-Bar caught him and launched him onto his shoulders. He finished him with a knee strike to give Mace & T-Bar their fifth tag team win.

T-Bar’s finisher is pretty nasty looking and somewhat of a riff on a Go To Sleep. After he used it on Raw a few months back, it caused a Twitter spat between he and Sammy Guevara over where it belonged. 

Ricochet defeated Drew Gulak (7:58)

Ricochet returned to Main Event (where he has done much of his work this year) for the first time since his two out of three falls match with Mustafa Ali. A brief foray into the U.S. title picture with Sheamus seemed to run its course quickly and now he is back here working with Gulak.

As for Gulak, he has only one win to his name in 2021 and this one didn’t help matters there. Having only worked Raw a handful of times this year and only otherwise appearing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, you have to wonder what his future holds.

This was a different kind of match for Ricochet. There was lots of mat work and he won via submission which we haven’t seen him do on Main Event before. But, it was good and showed his versatility, adding yet another reason to the growing list of why he is being wasted.

Gulak tried to work over Ricochet’s ribs and at one stage, he was trying to limit movement on his right arm and shoulder. Whenever Ricochet tried to bring some pace to the action, it was only fleeting and they would return to work on the mat.

Ricochet came off the second rope with a crossbody, but sold his ribs. They fought with strikes and then traded near falls before Ricochet hit Gulak with a Rock Bottom and locked in a uranage-looking move where he had Gulak’s arm locked into behind his head. Gulak tapped pretty quickly to give Ricochet the win.

Gulak looked mad at himself and sold his left arm before offering a handshake as he left the ring. Ricochet accepted and celebrated the victory. This was a nice touch and it would be good to see them go at it again next week.

Final Thoughts:

The Ricochet vs. Gulak match was probably one for the purists, but was still engaging and interesting. Gulak is such a good worker and Ricochet continued to illustrate just how underutilized he is. The tag team opener didn’t do much for anyone and I fear that Mace and T-Bar could quickly become this show’s The Ascension.