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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Karrion Kross


This week’s show was taped at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, before Monday’s Raw.

Karion Kross defeated Ricochet (5:45)

This was probably the best match out of the three that these two have had on Main Event.

With Ricochet being drafted to SmackDown, the self proclaimed "Mr. Main Event" ends his run on this show having been a stalwart since December 2019. We can only hope that things are brighter for him on Friday nights.

Kross got the most of this one as Ricochet tried to use his speed and quick thinking to get the better of him. They took a commercial midway through this one which they don’t normally do, but Kross was very much in control when they returned.

The crowd was behind Ricochet and they did some neat spots including where Ricochet countered a power bomb with a DDT. In the end, though, Kross caught Ricochet, who tried one too many airborne moves, slapping on the Kross Jacket for the submission victory.

Mace & T-Bar defeated The Viking Raiders (5:11)

This was a weird match that never really got going. Since they have broken up Mace and T-Bar and, like Ricochet, the Viking Raiders are headed to SmackDown, it’s likely the last time we’ll see this for a while. That’s no real shame.

Ivar never got in the ring and at the finish, T-Bar held his leg to stop him from breaking up the pin. It was basically Erick vs. Mace and T-Bar and he ended up doing the honors for Mace.

Erick took a lot of clubbing here and it built up to what looked like it was going to be a hot tag for Ivar against Mace, but instead, T-Bar got to Mace who cut Erick off.

The finish saw T-Bar get sent packing, only for Erick to get turned around and rolled up by Mace to snatch the win. The assist from T-Bar was nice heel tag team wrestling, but it made no sense to put over the team who are about to be no more.

Final Thoughts:

The end of Ricochet, who has worked his backside off on Main Event over the last few years, is probably for the best. He has way more to offer than doing what he has been on a show like this that garners such a limited viewership. Hopefully some new match-ups and some fresh talent start to appear over the next few weeks.