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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Shane Thorne


The Big Takeaway --

Main Event continues to feel a little more fresh, with more up-and-coming talent getting a chance to perform each week.

Jinder Mahal got another easy win, this time against the ever-impressive Akira Tozawa, and Ricochet eventually got the victory against Shane Thorne in a slightly bloated match at the end of the show.


Jinder Mahal defeated Akira Tozawa (5:53)

Much like last week on Main Event, Mahal got a chance to clock up some more minutes in the ring as he continues to make his comeback from a knee injury that saw him out of action for over six months.

Tozawa was his opponent on Raw when Mahal returned in April and once again played an excellent foil for Mahal’s stiff and rigid moveset here. Tozawa is so highly skilled, but like a lot of talent, the company doesn't know what to do with him.

At the finish, Tozawa hit a hurricanrana, followed by a shining wizard and went up top for a missile dropkick. He got a near fall, but Mahal then posted Tozawa to soften him for the Khallas.

This went quick at the end after a slow start and Mahal is now 3-0 since returning to in-ring action. Mahal finds himself without a creative direction at present but will no doubt be looking to get some screen time on Raw soon to see if he can find himself back in contention for a title.

Ricochet (w/ Cedric Alexander) defeated Shane Thorne (w/ Brendan Vink) (9:23)

As he makes only his second appearance on Main Event, it’s worth noting how long and hard Thorne has worked to get to this point in his career. Turning 35 this year, Thorne has been doing this now for over 10 years, from Australia to Japan before finally joining NXT in 2016.

Thorne is tall, lean, and technically very accomplished. He tied Ricochet up in knots at times here and knew when to feed his fast-paced offense and when to slow it down for some heat.

Thorne and Vink debuted in March on Raw. But they were separated here in what really ought to have been a tag match -- neither Alexander nor Vink were involved at all and it would probably have been more fun if they had.

At the finish, Thorne went up to the second turnbuckle and Ricochet grabbed the leg and launched him off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Ricochet nailed Thorne in the back of the head before using the Kick Back to get the win.

Final Thoughts --

Nothing much wrong with either match this week, but Ricochet and Thorne probably went a little too long. It feels like Main Event is being used to give time to returning talent who need to brush off the ring rust or that they have nothing for right now or to give up-and-comers a chance to notch up some TV minutes. Either way, it’s a much more interesting show than it has been in a long, long time.