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WWE Main Event results: Ricochet vs. Thorne, Benjamin vs. Alexander


The Big Takeaway --

For those keeping count, this was the 401st episode of Main Event and just as almost no one is able to watch it, it’s finally getting into its stride.

Two very strong matches were on display, with Ricochet getting a fine win over Shane Thorne in the opener and Cedric Alexander gaining a surprise victory over Shelton Benjamin in an excellent main event.


Ricochet defeated Shane Thorne (6:03)

This felt longer than it was, but in a good way. They got so much in the time that they had and Ricochet made every effort to help Thorne look a real threat. By the end, they’d tried just about everything each of them had to gain the win.

Thorne garners some pretty decent heat as a heel and against as good a babyface as Ricochet, it makes sense. And it's times like these that really cement just how underused and seemingly undervalued Ricochet has become of late.

This was a rematch from two weeks ago. And although that match was actually really very good and this was shorter, this time out was probably the better of the two, probably for the finishing sequence alone.

Ricochet went for his standing Shooting Star Press, but Thorne got his knees up and rolled Ricochet up for a near fall. Ricochet then showed some fight and nailed Thorne with an impressive reverse rana before hitting the Kick Back for the win.

This was a good, smooth wrestling match between a great babyface and an increasingly convincing heel.

Cedric Alexander defeated Shelton Benjamin (7:29)

It doesn’t seem to matter who they give Shelton Benjamin to work with on Main Event, he will adapt to their style and produce an excellent match. Hardly surprising when you consider he’s been doing this for 20 years and that this week his opponent was Cedric Alexander.

This was as good a Main Event match as you’ll see. Not because they tried to do anything special, but because the pace was perfect and technically it was superb. Benjamin is in that space in his career now where there is no wasted movement in his work and Alexander is seriously talented.

Shelton played the bully; Alexander was the plucky babyface. If they stuck Benjamin with Paul Heyman and let him use his powerful move set, you could easily strap a rocket to this guy and make him a main eventer within weeks. He’s that good and that underused.

They gave Alexander the win hereBenjamin went for Paydirt and Alexander reversed it for a near fall, so Benjamin went for a powerbomb but Alexander flipped over onto his feet and hit the Neuralyzer Kick for another near fall.

In the end, it took a Lumbar Check and a Michinoku Driver from Alexander to defeated Benjamin and I just hope we get this again next week.

Final Thoughts --

Two really good matches again from Main Event. The shorter match format is suiting almost everyone at the minute. MVP is great as color commentator and with Performance Center talent in the crowd, the whole presentation is better than it has been in such a long time.