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WWE Main Event results: Robert Roode vs. Heath Slater


The Big Takeaway: Natalya managed to scoop slam Tamina in a good back-and-forth match in the opener, then Robert Roode took a ton of near falls from Heath Slater before finishing him off with the Glorious DDT in the main event.


Sam Roberts was back this week to make it a three-person announce team. They have flirted with this idea over the last few months and must be keen to make it work. It’s already a weak team with Byron Saxton and Renee Young, and adding a third doesn’t help.

Natalya defeated Tamina (6:25)

With no Sarah Logan and Dana Brooke match this week, it was Natalya and Tamina’s turn to put on a good show. And they did a good job with what they had.

Natalya spent the match trying to break down the difference in size between her and Tamina and got nailed outside with a superkick when she had tried to baseball slide Tamina to gain some advantage.

In the last couple of minutes, they played up that Tamina couldn’t be slammed by Natalya and she kept trying but her back would give out. This was all very Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna, but clearly on a much smaller scale.

Eventually, though, Natalya managed to hit a sit-out slam that got her the victory. It was a good way to make this matchup more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

Robert Roode defeated Heath Slater (2:46)

In what was his fourth straight week on Main Event, Roode had to do his best to make a matchup with Slater look interesting. Roode, who is in tremendous shape, seemed to have fun with Slater, who can’t help but make you smile.

Slater is using a "dad bod" gimmick where he doesn’t take his sleeveless T-shirt off because otherwise we’d see his dad bod. What a way to bury a guy who is already six-feet under.

Surprisingly, Slater did, however, take most of the match. He tried everything to finish Roode off, including a high running knee, a top rope diving forearm smash, and a neckbreaker. They did near fall after near fall in the last minute until Roode snatched the win.

Roode dodged the charge of Slater, kicked him in the midriff, and then nailed him with the Glorious DDT to make it four wins on the trot for Roode on Main Event. You have to think, though, that surely there’s room on Raw for Roode?