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WWE Main Event results: Ryker vs. Carrillo, T-Bar vs. Gulak


The Big Takeaways

There were two heel victories this week T-Bar all but squashed Drew Gulak while Jaxson Ryker picked up his third main roster singles win against Humberto Carrillo.

Show Recap: 

T-Bar defeated Drew Gulak (3:58)

T-Bar absolutely towered over Gulak here as the two faced off. This was T-Bar’s debut on Main Event and the 6-7, 265 pound, 33-year-old looked every bit the monster heel as he notched the win. 

Watching T-Bar essentially squash Gulak, it's hard not to draw comparisons with former WWE big men. The gait, pace, moveset and the way that he moves around the ring slowly stalking his opponent is certainly very reminiscent of Kane.

Gulak got very little in here as they looked to establish that T-Bar is a huge threat. He tried a couple of reversals, but never got any traction. In the end, T-Bar caught Gulak in a torture rack position and hit him with a knee strike -- akin to a modified GTS in what Tom Phillips called the Eyes Wide Shut.

There was nothing to this one really, but it will be interesting to see what they let him do with this gimmick.

Jaxson Ryker (w/ Elias) defeated Humberto Carrillo (6:48)

Ryker and Elias have appeared on Main Event sporadically over the last few months. The two shot an angle to get Ryker over as Elias’ henchman and last month, they defeated Jeff Hardy and Ricochet in a tag match.

They let Carrillo get a lot more in this one than Gulak did in the previous match, but it was always going to end with Ryker getting his hand raised, despite the hope spots.

Carrillo tried his moonsault and all his usual offense, but Ryker was a match to it all. He is quite clunky and slow in the ring, so having someone flip around all over for him makes sense.

They don’t have a name for his finisher yet, but he used a spinning side slam after a double axe handle, of all things, to get his the win. 

The odd thing here is that Elias and Ryker are roughly the same size and look pretty similar, but they are going with the idea that Ryker is the muscle to Elias’ brains. Let’s see how long before they capitulate and Ryker just becomes another guy.

Final Thoughts:

This week Main Event was all about promoting two emerging heels and to make them look uncompromising and very threatening forces to be reckoned with. This is all fine provided they stick with that idea and keep up the momentum. I’m happy to be wrong, but I fully expect either man to lose within the next month on WWE television.