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WWE Main Event results: Santana Garrett debuts, Carrillo-Benjamin


The Big Takeaway:

This was a perfectly enjoyable Main Event once again this week. Liv Morgan and Santana Garrett had a decent opening match with Garrett looking a ease against the accomplished Morgan while Shelton Benjamin lost once again to Humberto Carrillo in another fine contest.

Show Recap:

Liv Morgan defeated Santana Garrett (4:38)

What had primarily been a show for those near the bottom of the roster (many of whom lost their jobs this week) is now featuring some new faces and one debut. 

Morgan came into this having received some good reviews for her work of late as recent matches against Natalya and Asuka raised some eyebrows from those who had underestimated her.

Garrett is the latest NXT recruit to earn a spot on the show. She had been on the indies and working for SHINE and MLW before opportunities presented themselves both for Impact Wrestling and WWE television. She officially joined NXT in August 2019.

All told, this was a very athletic contest as both showed some really impressive in-ring work. Morgan does some great spots, like her Matrix Evasion into a clothesline, and is just clearly very comfortable in the ring. At only 25, she’s a real asset for WWE.

Garrett did a spot where she suplexed Morgan and rolled her hips as though she was going to go for the Three Amigos, but instead twisted around and bridged into a submission choke hold. Morgan escaped, but it looked great.

The only negative was the finish which Garrett didn’t take well. Morgan hit the Flatliner off the ropes and pinned her for her first win since the WrestleMania night 2 kickoff match.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Shelton Benjamin (5:41)

These two faced off against each other last month and you can see why they were paired up again. Their two styles compliment each other and they worked really well together here in a totally different match despite having the same outcome. 

Neither Carrillo or Benjamin got near the WrestleMania card as Carrillo worked with Brendan Vink on the Raw the night after, but this was Benjamin’s first work since last month on this very show. 

They went back and forth throughout this one. At one point, Benjamin paused to give a face to Carrillo as if to say, “Damn, look at you” as he tried to work out how best to outwit him. Benjamin not only put Carrillo over here, but went out of his way to be in position for everything. At one point, he fell awkwardly so that he was in position for a standing moonsault and got his knees up to block it. They then went up top and when he was punched off by Carrillo, he again made sure to be in position.

Carrillo came off the top rope with a beautiful moonsault to get the win. I’d happily watch these two each week. Carrillo is fully of verve and it’s a pleasure to watch an experienced pro like Benjamin put over a new face with such class.

Final Thoughts:

WWE Main Event is probably one of the few shows where it doesn’t overly matter about the lack of fans in attendance. Since it's mainly made up of video packages and a Raw rehash with two short matches, it is fairly palatable and certainly inoffensive. Hopefully, more young talent will get a chance in future weeks as this company try to pull themselves out of the awful PR hole that they dug for themselves this week.