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WWE Main Event results: Sarah Logan vs. Dana Brooke


The Big Takeaway: Mojo Rawley grabbed a rare win against Zack Ryder in the opener, while Sarah Logan bested Dana Brooke in what will likely be their last Main Event match for a while.

The commentary team now seems set, with Dio Maddin and Mickie James joining lead announcer Byron Saxton. 


Mojo Rawley defeated Zack Ryder (5:09)

Ryder joked with Curt Hawkins on Twitter this past week, as they continued to find themselves undrafted and unconsidered by the WWE writing staff. After night two they, like Rawley, were re-drafted to Raw in the supplementary picks.

There was no sign of Hawkins at Ryder’s side this week, but the indication was that they were drafted as a pair.

The bout was a usual Rawley match: he bullied and dominated Ryder until Ryder got the shine by reversing a suplex into a neckbreaker. Ryder hit the flying forearm and Broski Boot, but Rawley kicked out. 

It took two attempts and some more near falls before Rawley won with the Alabama slam, but this turned out okay in the end.

Sarah Logan defeated Dana Brooke (5:05)

Just like on the men’s roster, there is nothing like the draft to remind you of your place in the pecking order. And in the women’s division, Sarah Logan and Dana Brooke are clearly right down near the bottom.

These two have had quite a run of bouts on Main Event, stemming from their match a few months ago when Brooke was busted open and the match had to be stopped. For those keeping count, their series is tied at 4-4 after this match.

But with Brooke being drafted to SmackDown and Logan staying put on Raw, this will likely be their last contest for a while. And of all of them, this was probably the pick of the bunch.

The whole match was a total back and forth and it was never clear who would win. But after Logan threw Brooke off the top turnbuckle, she was able to turn her over and lock in a cloverleaf for the win. There's been some considerable in-ring improvement for both of these performers.