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WWE Main Event results: Shayna Baszler, Riddick Moss in action


The Big Takeaway:

Shayna Baszler squashed Jessi Kamea in a match that marked both of their Main Event debuts while Riddick Moss grabbed a win in a good match against Humberto Carrillo.


Shayna Baszler defeated Jessi Kamea (5:09)

Over the last few months, Main Event has been a platform for NXT talent to try out against main roster talent, making for a superior show that has been infinitely more watchable. Kamea was the latest such debutant this week, facing off against Baszler whose very presence on this show will certainly raise a few eyebrows.

Kamea was a college volleyball player at Concordia University in Texas and joined the NXT roster back in 2017. She is tall, lean, and strong and at 31, it’s time for her to get a chance to prove herself at the top level.

However, as far as debuts go, this wasn’t much of one. Baszler worked over her left arm for the whole match and Kamea didn’t really get a chance to shine or show off what she could do.

But, this was Baszler’s Main Event debut as well and was there to make her look strong and dominant. After lots of mat work, she hit Kamea with a modified cutter and a knee strike before locking in the Kirifuda Clutch to claim an easy submission victory.

Riddick Moss defeated Humberto Carrillo (6:21)

It has been a few months since Moss appeared on Main Event. In February and through March, he had a 24/7 Championship run before he relinquished the title to R-Truth. He was last seen on this show defeating Cedric Alexander back in January. 

Carrillo has been nothing short of impressive since he joined the main roster a year ago. A natural in the ring and with time on his side and if used right, he has a big future.

Moss has real tone and strength in his upper body and carries himself like a big man, but can be explosive and quick too. He and Carrillo were near perfect opponents for each other, having only really worked together a handful of times over the last couple of years.

After Carrillo came off the top rope with a moonsault where Moss got his legs up, Moss absolutely annihilated him with a charge to the corner and hit him with a cool looking, modified neckbreaker for his first win since March.

Final Thoughts:

This was an intriguing show, but not a great one. Never say never, but Baszler surely won’t be a Main Event regular. Kamea would benefit from working with the likes of Natalya as having her as fodder for Baszler doesn’t do anyone much good. Given more time, Moss and Carrillo could work a decent program together.