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WWE Main Event results: Shelton Benjamin vs. Akira Tozawa


The Big Takeaway: Four men, who through no fault of their own will struggle to get anywhere near WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, had two decent matches. Cedric Alexander saw off Eric Young in a back-and-forth opener and Shelton Benjamin did likewise against Akira Tozawa at the end of the show.


Cedric Alexander defeated Eric Young (5:29)

Well, if either of these men was to enter the Royal Rumble this weekend, it would be their first Rumble outing, but as things stand that may be unlikely. 

Apart from the odd Raw appearance Young’s last six months has almost entirely been here on Main Event. Similarly, Alexander has found himself at the back of a shuffled deck, last notching up a win back in November that was also against Young.

After a good back-and-forth match, they traded near falls in the last few moments. Eventually,Young got Alexander up into a fireman’s carry position, but he fought out and hit the Neuralyzer kick on Young for the win.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Akira Tozawa (6:53)

If Shelton Benjamin were to be given a Royal Rumble entrance next week, it would take him to 10 career Rumble appearances.

Tozawa has been used as enhancement talent on Raw of late, losing to the likes of Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black, and AJ Styles. He also lost to Santa Claus on the Christmas edition of Raw, so maybe 2020 will bring better things.

In a similar vein to the opener, they went back and forth here. At the finish, Benjamin pulled Tozawa off the top turnbuckle with an arm drag and then connected with a step-up enzuigiri, followed by Paydirt for the win.

Benjamin doesn’t pick up too many wins these days and seems a little rudderless since he stopped tagging with Chad Gable. He’s a guy they could be doing a lot more with, but the same is true for many of the talent who work Main Event each week.