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WWE Main Event results: Slapjack vs. Carrillo, Garza vs. Tozawa


The Big Takeaways:

Slapjack made it two wins in as many weeks with a victory over Humberto Carrillo while Akira Tozawa continued his losing streak with a loss against Angel Garza.


Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa (5:05)

It really is about time they pulled the trigger on Garza. He carries himself like a star, looks great and is an excellent in-ring performer. He came out here in a bright red suit, looking every bit like what they had wanted from Alberto Del Rio when he arrived at the company back in 2011.

Garza and Tozawa work really well together, but this wasn’t as good as their December Main Event match. In just over five minutes, they hit a pretty intense pace and was all the better for it. Tozawa managed to lock in his Octopus hold after he connected with a few knees. It’s a move that looks devastating, but thus far is paying no dividends. 

After Garza freed his arm to break the hold, they went back and forth until Tozawa made the charge and got caught in the Wing Clipper. This was perfectly fine for what it was, but these two have had better battles than this.

Slapjack (w/ Mustafa Ali) defeated Humberto Carrillo (7:54)

Another week, another distraction finish win for Slapjack. Last week, Ali helped Slapjack get it done against the aforementioned Tozawa of all people. The fact that they are doing this again so soon is quite the indictment.

Ali is just not at all convincing as a heel. He has all the characteristics and charisma of a babyface with a real-life backstory to boot. Even Ali’s politics are heroic as he defines himself as a man who "represents unity." Only WWE could mess this up.

This one needed a little light and shade. Carrillo is very good, but the pace was lacking as they locked in holds and did lots of mat work early on. It was at its best in the last few moments.

Slapjack hit a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Ali shouted “Enough!” from the outside and seemed to be disgusted that Slapjack hadn’t seen it through yet. Carrillo tried to go up to the top rope, but Ali distracted him so that Slapjack could crotch him, taking him down to hit the Snapback for the win.

Final Thoughts:

Main Event was a little tepid and uninspiring this week and some fresh talent wouldn’t go amiss. This show was at its best in the last year when it was used as a platform to trial new faces. NXT or Performance Center roster guys would be a welcome change to Main Event, because otherwise this show serves very little tangible purpose.