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WWE Main Event results: Street Profits vs. Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez

Ciampa was also in action as he took on Reggie.
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This week’s WWE Main Event was taped at the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia, before Monday’s Raw.

Ciampa defeated Reggie (5:36)

Ciampa certainly brought the best out of Reggie here, but two long chinlock rest holds slowed this down, making it go way longer than it needed to.

Although Ciampa was clearly the heel, the crowd still cheered him. His methodical, technical approach was opposed at every turn by Reggie who flipped around and dived out of harm’s way whenever he could.

On commentary, Byron Saxton called Ciampa a veteran and explained that Reggie was looking for a win to ease his troubles at home. Logically, this all needed explaining, but wasn’t.

After the two rest holds, Reggie fired up and even grabbed a near fall after a rolling crossbody. But, he went for a moonsault and Ciampa rolled out of the way. After that, it Ciampa used a high knee and finished him off with the Fairytale Ending.

Ciampa is 3-0 since losing his first name and undefeated in his last five. But the kicker is that he hasn’t appeared on Raw or SmackDown in over three months.

The Street Profits defeated Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez (4:38)

This was a weirdly short tag team match, but The Street Profits were in dominant form for the duration.

This was the second outing for the Street Profits on Main Event and with the win, they maintained their perfect record on the show. They looked good here, especially when Angelo Dawkins got the hot tag in the final minutes.

Azeez was once again the weak link. Crews, Dawkins and Montez Ford can all go (and that’s putting it lightly), but Azeez is cumbersome and just slowed everything down.

The crowd, however, were not to be deterred and absolutely loved the final minute of this one and with good reason.

Dawkins got the hot tag and was absolutely explosive, running wild with all sorts of offense on Crews. He managed to dump Azeez who broke up a pin attempt which that allowed Ford to nail him with a diving senton over the top rope.

They finished Crews in the middle of the ring with the pop-up spinebuster from Dawkins and an absolutely stunning frog splash from Ford. The crowd counted along with the pin and were more than happy when the Street Profits got their hands raised.

This was excellent tag team wrestling at the end, but an example of an utter waste to have these men working Main Event and not main roster television.

Final Thoughts:

Two perfectly watchable matches this week made for a fine show. Reggie made a good show of himself, but Ciampa is rudderless right now. The Street Profits were excellent in their match and really stood out as being misused on a show like this.